Tips on smarter decision making

A few points that I picked up from Professor Noreena Hertz’s lecture this week on ‘the complexity of decision making’. I definitely found it useful, hope you do too! 1. We need to take experts off their pedestals In the USA 50,000 people/year die due to misdiagnosis!...

New section of the website: Study Corner

I’ve been talking to Barts and Kings students whilst teaching and everyone is keen on a light revision aid. So I’ve created a ‘Study Corner’ section to my website where I’ll be regularly uploading quizzes. There’s only 2 at the...

This weeks FGDP lecture

One thing which has stuck in my head from this week’s FGDP lecture with Dr John Besford (specialist prosthodontist) is ‘we have a responsibility for the patient’s future, not just the present’ As obvious as it may sound, with requirements and UDAs in our face, it is...


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