Gum disease (periodontitis) affects more than 45% of UK adults, impacts on quality of life and is known to be linked with other serious conditions. It is clearly a widespread major public health problem and in the words of the BSP president, Dr Phil Ower, ‘it’s time to shout a little louder about it!’

Today’s media campaign at Westfield shopping centre was organised by the BSP in support of European Gum Health Awareness Day. It aimed to raise public awareness of gum disease and encouraged people to visit a dental professional find out more because signs of gum disease including bleeding gums, wobbly teeth or bad bad breath should not be ignored!

For both public and professional information about the campaign, check out: Please upload your mouthies and help spread the word! Gum disease is preventable and treatable if caught early so don’t let it wipe that smile off your face! 🙃

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