It’s *World Oral Health Day* and the message to the public is: Oral health is much more than a nice smile  Maintaining a healthy mouth is crucial to keeping it functioning correctly and for maintaining overall health and quality of life 💪🏽 

Adopting good oral hygiene habits is one of the ways to help protect your mouth and body. Here’s my contribution featured in today’s Good Health section in the Daily Mail:

Do I need to brush my gums as well as my teeth? Much of the plaque-forming bacteria lurk on the gum line between gum and tooth, and need regular brushing in the same way as our teeth. If they’re not brushed away, the resulting plaque/sticky film may cause gum inflammation and gum disease. You need to place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle against the spot where the gums and teeth meet.

Electric or manual? Powered toothbrushes reduce plaque and gingivitis more than manual tooth brushing. If someone’s technique is perfect with a manual toothbrush then that’s absolutely fine to use. But the vast majority of people don’t have perfect technique! Electric toothbrushes do all the hard work for you.

Is bleeding normal? Bleeding gums is one of the first signs gum disease. You wouldn’t ignore bleeding from any other part of your body, so treat gums the same way. Book an appointment with your dentist/hygienist for professional advice.

Brushing too hard? Hold your toothbrush with a gentle grip, as if you’re holding a pen, and brush using your wrist rather than your whole arm. If you’re going for an electric buy one with a pressure sensor, this warns you by beeping/flashing if you’re pressing too hard.

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