Don’t miss the Perio!

This video explains the importance of periodontal disease diagnosis and highlights ways of avoiding litigation in this specialty! The question of when to refer to a specialist is also discussed.

Dental photography – the basics

This video explains why we use dental photography, what equipment is required, the usual settings as well as the typical views taken.

Clinical audit – why and how?
This video will provides an overview on: what an audit is, the audit process, common areas of audit and the difference between audit and research.

What do I do if I get a complaint?
Complaints are not an uncommon experience, especially for young dentists! This video gives 10 key steps that should always be considered when handling complaints.

Direct access – what’s all the fuss about?
This video clarifies what direct access means, its perceived advantages as well as disadvantages and notes the organisations who do or do not support this.

Electives, volunteering and working abroad

This video gives you some useful tips for planning a successful elective. Volunteering and employment abroad is also covered.

Facial aesthetics

This video gives a whistle-stop tour on facial aesthetics; specifically why dentists might decide to develop their skills in this field, what it encompasses and the training required.

Finance tips

This video provides excellent tips on paying off debts, income protection and becoming self-employed.

An overview on
dental implants
How much do you really know about implants? This video explains the basics of implants and what you’re supposed to check as a general dental practitioner. Peri-implant disease as well as implant training is also briefly covered.

Help, I need a job!

This video will highlight some important considerations for the job hunting process.

Dental loupes – do I really need them?

This video highlights the key benefits of using loupes and covers what you should look for when selecting, analysing and purchasing loupes.

Giving effective oral hygiene advice

Prevention is the cornerstone of modern dentistry. This video gives some simple advice which may make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your oral hygiene instruction.


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